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Deduct Meter Program

On March 16, 2021, the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities (the Board) approved the use of deduct meters in Avon Lake. A deduct meter is a second water meter on a customer’s property where the customer pays for the water usage through the meter, but not wastewater usage, as the water that passes through this meter does not go to your sanitary lateral for treatment at the Water Reclamation Facility. This meter would be used for outside water usage such as lawn sprinkling, watering plants, and washing your vehicle.

Program Guidelines

Customers that wish to install a deduct meter on their property shall follow the Deduct Meter Program guidelines as outlined in Avon Lake Regional Water’s Regulations – Schedule D Avon Lake Regional Water Deduct Meter Program. Details are listed below:

  • Consumers and/or the Consumer’s approved contractor shall request a deduct meter from Avon Lake Regional Water by filling out the Request for Deduct Meter form and returning it to Avon Lake Regional Water (see below for form).
  • The customer purchases the approved deduct meter through Avon Lake Regional Water. Costs for the different size deduct meters are listed in the Request for Deduct Meter form. The cost includes the meter and 10% overhead for administration and inspection of the meter before it is operational.
    • The deduct meters shall be installed with radio read meter.
    • The location of the deduct meter on the property shall be determined by Avon Lake Regional Water.
    • The above deduct meter, and/or any other deduct meter as determined by Avon Lake Regional Water, is the only meter that will qualify for the Deduct Meter Program.
  • Payment for the deduct meter is due in full when the customer picks up the meter.
  • Before the deduct meter shall be operational, Avon Lake Regional Water must inspect the deduct meter and its connections.
    • Failure of inspection will result in Avon Lake Regional Water shutting off the deduct meter until inspection is made.
    • Failure of further compliance could result in additional penalties under Avon Lake Regional Water’s Regulations.
  • Once the deduct meter is operational, the customer will no longer be eligible for the annual Summer Billing Adjustment. The customer will be responsible for payment of any water usage through the deduct meter. Billing for the deduct meter will be on the quarterly water and wastewater bill.
  • The customer is responsible for any costs associated with damage to the deduct meter and/or damage caused by failure to properly winterize the deduct meter.

Request a Permit

To request a deduct meter and permit, please fill out and return the Request for Deduct Meter form to our office at 201 Miller Road. Forms are available by clicking here and/or at our office (201 Miller Road).  Please be sure to read through the program guidelines and Guidelines for Winterizing Systems before returning the form.