Avon Lake Regional Water is a progressive water and wastewater utility in Avon Lake, Ohio. Our mission is to provide the region with quality water services. We provide water services to over 200,000 residents living in the seven-county area surrounding Avon Lake and sanitary sewer services to about 30,000 residents living in Avon Lake and parts of Lorain County. Strategically located on the shores of Lake Erie, Avon Lake Regional Water is able to supply the area’s growing need for high quality drinking water. Governed by an independent body elected by the residents of Avon Lake, the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities establishes policy and oversees the organization’s operations.

Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation – Lateral Separation

The Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation Program has two components: (1) Avon Lake Regional Water, in partnership with the City of Avon Lake, separating the City’s combined sewers, and (2) Avon Lake homeowners with properties built prior to 1972 separating their combined laterals.

Water Quality

Each year, Avon Lake Regional Water publishes and distributes its water quality report to all customers in Avon Lake. This report provides water quality statistics from the previous year as well as information about how Avon Lake Regional Water keeps your water safe and plans for the future.

News Releases

Contact Us/­​Emergency

ph. (440) 933-6226 (M-F, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
ph. (440) 933-3229 (after office hours and weekends)

Community Outreach

Not only is Avon Lake Regional Water dedicated to providing quality water and wastewater services to its customers, it strives to educate the community on the
value of water.

Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities Meetings