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Backflow Prevention Device Annual Inspection and Testing

Annual inspection and results submitted by July 1

Ohio EPA regulations and local compliance laws require the annual inspection of all backflow prevention devices by a State-certified inspector. The purpose of annual testing is to ensure the device is working properly to prevent any contaminated surface water from backing into the sprinkler and entering the public water system. 

You must have the backflow prevention device inspected and tested each year. Copies of the test results must be submitted to Avon Lake Regional Water by July 1. Failure to comply will result in a $50.00 penalty. Continued failure to comply will result in your water being shut off and a standard turn-on fee applied.

Failure to file the test report  within 10 days of activating the system may result in a fine and possible loss of water service.

Avon Lake Regional Water does not charge State-certified testers any fees. Click here to obtain a list of State-certified inspectors.

For more additional information and/or questions, please call  440-933-6226 or email


Download Backflow Test Report (Rev’21)