Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities Appoints New Chief Utilities Executive

Avon Lake – On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities (“the Board”) voted to appoint current Acting Chief Utilities Executive and Chief of Utility Operations, Robert K. Munro, as the new Chief Utilities Executive for Avon Lake Regional Water.

“The entire Board joins me in congratulating Robert K. Munro for achieving this important career milestone through his hard work, dedication, and constant focus on high quality, environmental and fiscal conscientiousness, and responsive service to all of the over 200,000 users in our network.  We look forward to many years of continuing excellence from him,” said John Dzwonczyk, Chairman of the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities.

Mr. Munro officially began his role at Avon Lake Regional Water on March 19, 2018 as the Chief of Utility Operations. As the Chief of Utility Operations, Mr. Munro’s role is to assure the operations, maintenance, and safety of all treatment, pumping, and piping systems of Avon Lake Regional Water. Mr. Munro ensures that the utility meets the needs of its customers at a cost-effective rate and in compliance with all regulations. In addition, Mr. Munro leads the organization’s continuous improvement program and drives organizational strategy, asset management procedures, and further innovation at our facilities. 

After the departure of the former Chief Utilities Executive, in August 2020, Mr. Munro was appointed Acting Chief Utilities Executive as well as continuing in the role of Chief of Utility Operations. In his dual executive roles with Avon Lake Regional Water, Mr. Munro’s leadership navigated the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure Avon Lake Regional Water’s customers continued to have seamless water and wastewater services and financially positioned the organization in 2020 to allow the Board to freeze water and wastewater rates for 2021.  

“Since Mr. Munro has, for over one year, performed the duties of both Acting Chief Utilities Executive alongside his present position of Chief of Utility Operations, the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities has seen fit to officially promote him to the higher position, thereby creating an opening in his prior position, which will be filled as soon as practicable,” said Dzwonczyk.

Prior to joining Avon Lake Regional Water in 2018, Mr. Munro served as the Chief of Sewers for the City of Erie, Pennsylvania, where he managed an 88-person division responsible for both the collection and treatment of wastewater in Erie. Below is a list of Mr. Munro’s previous positions.

  • Chief of Sewers, City of Erie, PA (2015-2018),
  • Chief of Fleet & Maintenance, City of Erie, PA (2013-2015),
  • Operations Superintendent, City of Erie, PA (2006-2013),
  • Heavy Equipment Operator, City of Erie, PA (2001-2006),
  • Bureau of Sanitation, City of Erie, PA (1998-2001).