We are currently looking for our next Chief of Utility Operations. For more information on the position, visit

Chief of Utility Operations – JobDescr-Chief of Utility Operations


We are currently looking for the right person to be our first Analyst/Assistant. What is it? It is a person who likes working with numbers. The ideal person would have accounting knowledge and also have an ability to look to analyze trends, etc. to see where we might want to focus to help reduce unnecessary expenses. This ideal person could help identify the best funding sources and “make numbers talk” so that we can more easily see revenues and expenses. Sound like it may be interesting? Contact us at the email address below.

Analyst/Assistant – JobDescr-Analyst/Assistant


We are also looking for an entry-level Engineer. The ideal candidate has just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or engineering technology and is interested in a lot of different areas. This engineer will be responsible for GIS and drafting work, assist with launching our new asset management program, inspect construction projects, and do a variety of more-mundane, but equally important, things.

Engineer – JobDescr-Engineer

The positions will be opened until filled. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to



We will soon be posting to find a new Underground Asset Locator. Stay tuned.