Sewer Lateral Program: Wastewater bill credit details

Program Time Frame: January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2019

Program Area: Currently and Formerly Combined Sewer Areas of Avon Lake

Program Incentive: $1,000 sewer rate rebate


During combined sewer separations, Avon Lake Regional Water had historically not required foundation drains with gravity connections to the sanitary sewer to be disconnected. Rather, they had to be disconnected when a resident performed foundation drain, foundation, or lateral work. Through a recent investigation on Sunset Road, Avon Lake Regional Water has learned that gravity foundation drains provide significant quantities of water to the sanitary sewer during rain events. In order to hasten their disconnection from the sanitary sewer, Avon Lake Regional Water requires their disconnection by the latter of February 1, 2018, or one year after the combined sewer separation on a homeowner’s street has been substantially completed (with all work having to be complete by June 30, 2019).

Like many other cities, Avon Lake has certain areas where there used to be combined sewers. A combined sewer transports sanitary sewage to the water pollution control center (WPCC) for treatment during dry periods. During wet periods, a mixture of stormwater and sanitary sewage travels through that same pipe; and the mixture passes through a regulator and discharges directly into a receiving water body (e.g., Lake Erie). Homes in formerly combined sewer areas often have foundation drains that discharge storm and groundwater to the sanitary sewer.

In response to recent basement flooding resulting from recent record rains, Avon Lake Regional Water constructed six flow diversion structures that will relieve sewer surcharge conditions on Lake Road and help prevent basement backups. These diversion structures are temporary, while stormwater is removed from the sanitary sewer.

In order to comply with the requirement to prevent sewer overflows by December 31, 2019, Avon Lake Regional Water now requires foundation drains and other clean water sources be disconnected from the sanitary sewer by the dates stated above.

Program Rules

  1. This project applies to the currently and formerly combined sewer areas of Avon Lake in order to reduce the immediate stormwater inflow experienced in the sanitary sewer after strong rain events. Participants’ homes must be within that project area.
  2. Residents must allow Avon Lake Regional Water representatives to inspect to determine if clean water is entering the sanitary sewer and, if that is the case, after completion of the work to assure the clean water has been permanently removed from the sanitary sewer.
  3. Once it is determined that clean water must be removed, the responsible party must sign an acknowledgement that he/she will complete the repairs within the required timeframe and obtain a Building Permit from the City of Avon Lake (if the work being performed is not exclusively construction of a gravity lateral).
  4. To qualify for the rate rebate, the responsible party must discharge clean water into the storm sewer and must not receive financial (e.g., grant) assistance from other parties.
  5. Avon Lake Regional Water inspection and rate rebate in no way implies an acceptance of liability for the work that is undertaken or the consequences therefrom.
  6. The responsible party accepts and/or retains ownership, operation, maintenance, and replacement responsibility for anything that may be installed under this program.
  7. The rate rebate is eligible for residents in the project area who complete the work between January 1, 2013 and the latter of February 1, 2018 or one year after the combined sewer construction on a homeowner’s street has been completed (with all work having to be complete by June 30, 2019).
  8. Upon Avon Lake Regional Water’s acceptance of the work, we will provide a $1,000 sewer rate rebate to the responsible party payable quarterly over a ten-year period. The rate rebate may not be accelerated and stays with the property for 10 years.
  9. Avon Lake Regional Water shall have sole authority to determine eligibility for program participation, prioritization of requests and compliance with all requirements of the program and Avon Lake Regional Water regulations.


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