Avon Lake was founded in the 1800s, and some of its water infrastructure is still from a different era. We at Avon Lake Regional Water replace, add to, and maintain Avon Lake’s water infrastructure under streets and yards to protect your water and wastewater service. Here’s a look what we’re replacing near you in 2015.

Harvey/Yoder/Midway water line Addresses involved: Harvey Parkway (all), Yoder (all) Cherry (235-244), Lake (32381, 32362), Electric (32363, 32341), Parsons (255) Start: May 2015 End: June 2015 *Restoration: Early fall 2015 Impact: Minimal. We’ve separated the sewers here already, but since then, this water line’s reached replacement age. A part of the west side of each street and most west-side-of-the-street treelawns will be torn up, then replaced, during this brief project.

Walker Road water line Addresses involved: Walker Road (north side only): 32769-32271, Avon Belden: 457 & 508 Start: Summer 2015 End: Fall 2015 *Restoration: September/October Impact: Minimal.Only the north side of the street/treelawns will be torn up/replaced. A temporary water line will protect residents’ water supply during construction. Inwood-Fairfield-Berkshire water line Addresses involved: Inwood Blvd. (109-260); Berkshire (135-254); Fairfield (139-254); Lake (32895) Start: Summer End: Late fall *Restoration: TBD Impact: Minimal. Only the west half of the street/treelawns will be disturbed. A temporary water line will protect residents’ water supply during construction.

Mull-Norman sanitary sewer rehabilitation Addresses involved: Mull Ave. (112-166); Norman Ave. (100-193); Lake Road (32071-32039) Start: Late summer End: Late ’15/early ‘16 *Restoration: TBD Impact: Significant. A rolling closure will make sections (from one manhole cover to the next) of these roads impassable each day. Once each section is complete, the closure will move to the next set of manholes.

Clean water storage additions Addresses involved: Apartments off Electric, between Electric and Lake, Lake Road near water filtration plant Start: Late 2015 End: Early 2018 Restoration: N/A Impact: Negligible. Project will take place in empty lot across from Avon Lake Regional Water filtration plant. Only negative impact will be visual.

Wastewater plant rehabilitation Addresses involved: Miller Road (north), Beach Park Towers, Lake Road (Miller to NRG) Start: Summer 2015 End: Summer 2017 Restoration: N/A Impact: Negligible. Addresses listed will see increased construction traffic and noise levels throughout the project. Please call us at 440-933-6226 for more information about these projects, or anything about your water and wastewater services.

*“Restoration” refers to road, driveway, sidewalk, and lawn replacement. We document all details at project start; the contractor returns all to its previous condition once the project is over. Why? To protect your new pavement from hard-wearing construction traffic and save you money.