Water Service Area

Avon Lake Regional Water provides water for more than 206,706 Ohio residents living in Lorain, Erie, Huron, Medina, Cuyahoga, Ashland and Wayne Counties. The 680 square mile service area includes the cities of Avon Lake, Avon, North Ridgeville, Village of Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, the City of Medina, and customers served by the Rural Lorain County Water Authority (RLCWA), and the Medina County Northwest Water System (MCNWS).

Service Areas* Approximate # of service connections as of 1/1/2014

Approximate residents served (1)

Avon Lake (1) 8,300 22,580
Avon (1) 7,600 21,193
North Ridgeville 8,800 29,465
Village of Sheffield 1,600 3,982
Sheffield Lake 3,500 9,137
City of Medina 7,900 26,678
RLCWA* 21,000 66,771
MCNWS** 10,700 26,900
_______ _______
Totals 69,400 206,706


(1) Ohio Dept. of Development Population Census For Counties, Cities, Villages. and Townships 2010

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