Your wastewater plant needs some serious rehabilitation to improve efficiency and quality of the water we return to Lake Erie. The Ohio EPA has finished its environmental assessment of our plan. Let us know what you think. Read more.


Deadline for backflow testing is May 25

Backflow testing protects homes. Do you have an irrigation system? Property owners with in-ground sprinklers must have backflow prevention devices tested and copies of the test results filed at Avon Lake Regional Water by May 25. As always, there is no fee to file.  Read more.


Call for entries: Love Your Lake Photo Contest

Avon Lake Regional Water invites you to combine your photography talents and love of Lake Erie. Winners will be judged at Lake Erie WaterFest, and WaterFest attendees will vote to award the People’s Choice winner. Click here for more.


Annual fire hydrant testing begins soon, ends September

Testing hydrants is good, but the flushing can make your water temporarily cloudy. Be sure to let your water run until clear before using or drinking it. Read more.


Join us in our fight to keep Lake Erie clean!

The Great Lakes hold over 20% of the world’s fresh surface water, and Lake Erie is the most at-risk lake of all the Great Lakes, because it is the shallowest... Read more.


Keep mercury out of the water system: Recycle CFL bulbs

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), the popular, energy-efficient, coil-type bulbs you likely have in your home, contain mercury vapor.  Read more.


Was your home built before 1972? You may have work to do.

Get the whole story on what we're doing, why we're doing it, when it will happen, what a lateral is, why you might need one and how to get started. Here’s what you do.


Avon Lake Regional Water is a progressive water and wastewater treatment operations in the Great Lakes region. We provide water and sewer service to over 200,000 residents living in the seven-county area surrounding Avon Lake. Our Board of Municipal Utilities is an independent governing body that is duly elected by the residents of Avon Lake to establish our policy and oversee water and wastewater treatment operations. Read more.

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Bill Pay


Homes built before 1972...

...must separate their laterals by
February 1, 2018
(Fairfield-Brookfield and The 45s have until February 2019)
Avon Lake Municipal Utilities