Interested in joining Avon Lake’s Board of Municipal Utilities?

Let us hear from you by April 22, 2014. Click here to learn more.


“Our goal is to make water pollution control as environmentally friendly as we can.”

You can’t help but notice the excitement WPCC Manager Steve Baytos conveys when he talks about his new job at Avon Lake Municipal Utilities. Read more.


Was your home built before 1972?

Get the whole story on what a lateral is, why you might need one and how to get started. Here’s what you do.


Conserve water. Save money.

Even though you pay us for the water you use, part of our job is protecting your natural resources--namely Lake Erie. Conservation is a part of that protection. Isn't having clean water now and for generations to come worth a little extra effort? Click here for tips to help you save cash while you go green.


Do you qualify for a $300 sewer credit?

The Board of Municipal Utilities authorized an extension and expansion of the Foundation Drain Sump Disconnection (FDSD) program...Read more.


Belmar Area Combined Sewer Separation

After a brief delay, the separation of the Belmar combined sewer is scheduled to break ground in March 2013. The goal: To construct a separate sanitary sewer... Read more.


Avon Lake Municipal Utilities (ALMU) has one of the most progressive water and wastewater treatment operations in the Great Lakes region. It provides water and sewer service to over 200,000 residents living in the seven-county area surrounding Avon Lake. ALMU’s Board of Municipal Utilities is an independent governing body that is duly elected by the residents of Avon Lake to establish their Utilities policy and oversee its water and wastewater treatment operations. Read more.

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