Research & Analysis

The water plant laboratory staff performs 150 tests every day and over 50,000 each year to ensure you receive high quality drinking water. Operators perform bi-hourly analysis for turbidity, chlorine residual and pH on raw, floc, settled, filter effluents and tap water in a small lab provided for this purpose. The main laboratory and personnel are certified in wet chemistry, bacteria, and metals. Here, all required analyses are performed or facilitated for the Avon Lake Pollution Control Center, Rural Lorain County Water Authority, Avon, Sheffield Lake, the Village of Sheffield, LaGrange and Spencer.

Ted Popiel
Chief Lab Analyst

Avon Lake Municipal Utilities: Joined Avon Lake Municipal Utilities as a Lab Analyst in 1996. Appointed Chief Lab Analyst in 2000. Experience: Hemodialysis Technician, Deaconess Hospital, Community Dialysis Centers; Research Technologist, Cleveland Clinic; Research Assistant, Case Western Reserve University 1983-1992. Associations & Designations: Secretary, Northeast Ohio District, American Waterworks Association. Education: BS Pre-Medicine, University of Dayton.

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