Water Filtration Plant

Today’s 40 MGD (million gallons/day) capacity is a far cry from the 2 MGD of over 75 years ago.

Located at 33370 Lake Road, the original
wfp-new-signAvon Lake Water Filtration Plant (WFP) was built in 1926 to serve the City of Avon Lake with a maximum capacity of 2 million gallons per day (MGD), and demand has steadily increased ever since, through a combination of population growth and bulk-water sales to other cities. Since the original plant was constructed, the existing service area has extended beyond Avon Lake city limits and now includes sales of bulk water to a number of communities, mainly in Lorain and Medina Counties. We began selling water to the City of Avon in 1953, and, in 1959, the city contracted with Sheffield Lake to supply their water. In 1975, Avon Lake Municipal Utilities contracted to sell water to the Rural Lorain County Water Authority (LORCO).

Currently, Avon Lake Municipal Utilities’ Water Filtration Plant supplies drinking water to Avon Lake, Avon, Village of Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, North Ridgeville, Medina and the County of Medina. The plant also supplies water to the Rural Lorain County Water Authority (RLCWA), which serves areas of rural Lorain County and the Villages of LaGrange, Sheffield, Grafton, Kipton and Spencer. Customers outside of the City of Avon Lake consume approximately 85% of the total water produced at the WFP.

So, through both population growth across the region and our bulk-water sales, water demand in our service area is steadily increasing. This increased demand mandated larger outputs by our WFP, which meant plant expansions. In 1956, after we started selling water to the city of Avon, we expanded our rated capacity (the amount of water we are permitted to pump out) to 4 MGD. In 1960, a new raw water intake and pump stations were constructed in anticipation of the next expansion in 1968 to 6 MGD. The LORCO agreement facilitated our 1980 WFP expansion to 10 MGD. Following this ten-year construction project, the WFP expanded again in 1990 to 25 MGD, and then in 2000 to 40 MGD. The 2004 expansion added two new dual cell filters that increased the plant’s filtering capacity to 60 MGD to satisfy the area’s future need for high quality drinking water. The average daily production of finished water increased from 14.2 MGD in 1995 to 22 MGD in 2012.  The most recent expansion, completed December 2014, increased the plant’s capacity from 40 million gallons a day to 50 million gallons a day, will allow us to continue to provide the high quality water our growing area wants and needs.

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