Summer Sprinkling

Be sure and have your inground sprinkling systems inspected and tested annually. Click photo to learn more.

Avon Lake residents may see an automatic reduction in the sewer charge on their summer water/sewer bill, dated October 1. The charge is based on the actual number of gallons of water used during the third quarter (summer) billing period and the average number used during the first six months of the year. For example, if you used 30,000 gallons during the first quarter and 20,000 during the second, your average water usage would be one-half of 50,000 gallons. Your third quarter sewer charge would then be based on 25,000 gallons, even if you used 100,000 during the period. Since sewer usage is based upon the amount of water consumed, summer billing can add up to substantial savings for homeowners who like to keep lawns looking green or take a swim in their backyard pool. Homeowners with sprinkling meters are unaffected by this program.

Backflow Test Report (Rev’16)


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