Hydrant flushing

It’s time to test the hydrants.

Avon Lake Fire Department will be conducting an annual safety inspection of the city’s fire hydrants beginning this week, lasting through September. This is a yearly opportunity to perform regular maintenance, making sure each hydrant is in working condition. The inspection process includes high-pressure flushing of the water pipes that bring water throughout the city, including the ones to your home and under your tree lawn that lead to nearby fire hydrants.

Here are a few other things you should know:

  • When it’s your street’s turn for flushing, “hydrant flushing” signs will be posted at the nearest major intersection to your home. If you’ve included your e-mail address or text in your CodeRED emergency notification services profile, you’ll receive word that way, as well. (Not signed up for CodeRED yet? It’s free at www.avonlake.org)
  • Your water may become discolored during the hydrant flushing process, but should clear up relatively quickly. If water coming out of your tap is discolored, keep running it until it’s clear before using or drinking it. This includes washing machines–some of the sediments kicked up by the flushing process could stain clothes.
  • Flushing will move across Avon Lake from east to west.
  • The project will take a few months to complete, but once your neighborhood is done, it’s done until next year.

For more information about the flushing schedule, call Avon Lake Fire Department at 440-933-8305. For questions or concerns about water quality, call Avon Lake Regional Water at 440-933-6226.



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