Special Programs

More Avon Lake Municipal Utilities customers are enjoying the convenience of our automatic bill payment plan. Auto-Pay lets them pay their water-sewer bills directly from their checking or savings account…more.

Backflow Prevention & Sprinkling System Testing
Test in-ground sprinkling systems annually by May 25. Avon Lake property owners with in-ground sprinkling systems must have their backflow prevention devices tested annually by May 25…more.

Hydrant Flushing
The Fire Department and Avon Lake Municipal Utilities will be conducting their annual safety inspection of the city’s fire hydrants from April 11 to August 31. Your water may become riled…more.

Summer Sprinkling
Avon Lake residents may see an automatic reduction in the sewer charge on their summer water/sewer bill, dated October 1. The charge is based on the actual number of gallons of water used during the third quarter (summer) billing period…more.

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