Distribution and Collection System

Maintaining the 290 miles of water and sewer lines, all in a day’s work for the ten-man crew.

Services performed vary from routine meter reading and line inspection to repairing line breaks and responding to sewer backup problems. As the City grows, so does its water and sewer system. Approximately 146 miles of sanitary and storm sewer lines are cleaned and inspected every year.

Embracing new technology the Board of Municipal Utilities retained Dr. Sim Sarikelle, a retired Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Akron, to conduct periodic hydraulic analyses of Avon

Lake’s water distribution system. A computer hydraulic model anticipates the demand for water on the system during average and peak periods and then determines adjustments in pressure required to assure an ample supply of water under all conditions of usage, including emergencies. The computer model can also record the frequency and location of water breaks and identifies those lines that need replacement.

It used to take six meter readers three weeks to manually read the city’s water meters. Now the task can be accomplished in three days using a Radio Transmitted Read (RTR) System. Currently all of the city’s water meters have been converted to the more efficient RTR.

Rick Kasten
Manager of Distribution & Collection


Avon Lake Municipal Utilities: Appointed as Superintendent of the Water Distribution & Sewer Collection System in 1990 and promoted to Manager in 2011. Experience: Joined the Utility as a Laborer and Operator in 1977. Associations& Designations: Class II Distribution Certification, State of Ohio EPA. Education: Avon High School.


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