Mull-Norman e-updates

Sent 10/11/16

Though your street asphalt isn’t arriving until next week, the rest of your street’s restoration process remains in full gear. As part of that, those of you with asphalt driveways will have crews digging out your aprons tomorrow and Thursday with your new asphalt driveway to be placed Friday (and next week if not complete this week).

Don’t forget to call us to get your free home inspection so we can check you off our “compliant” list. If you do have work to do, don’t forget about our low-interest loan program.

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226

Sent 10/7/16

Just a note to let you know Erie Blacktop was NOT able to come out earlier than their scheduled date, so you’ll see them (and your new finished street/asphalt driveways) the week of 10/17. Have a great Homecoming weekend, and enjoy your quiet week next week. Feel free to let us know how it’s looking out there.
Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226

Sent 9/30/16

We know your sadness at what could be your last e-update from us will be absolutely eclipsed by your joy of having us gone, not to mention your beautiful new roads, to boot. (It might be hard to get excited about your street’s new separated sewer, but it will keep your lake safer/cleaner–just make sure you do your own separation project at home, if you have to do one, so you can reap all the benefits of your newly separated sewer.)

The next two weeks SHOULD* be your last two in a construction zone, barring inclement weather. Assuming conditions allow work, here’s what the next two weeks will look like:

Week of October 3: Place top soil, grade, seed and mulch. (Entire project area)

Week of October 10: Finish top soil placement, asphalt driveways and final top coat of pavement. (Entire project area)

That’s it. Once those two weeks of work happen, the project will be done. (We can hear your smile from here.)

It’s been a pleasure serving you. Let us hear from you once you complete your separation, and don’t forget the new loan program if you haven’t separated yet. Call us (440) 933-6226 or go to to submit your application. (Don’t worry, as long as you plan to have two new laterals, each connected to its own sewer, you’re a shoe-in).

Warm regards,

Avon Lake Regional Water

(440) 933-6226

*this is earlier than expected, so it’s possible the blacktop crew won’t be available until their regularly scheduled week later in October.

Sent 9/13/16

Norman and Gedeohn
Undercutting is now complete, so the base- and intermediate-layer paving phase is next: It starts tomorrow, in fact, weather permitting. This phase will go much faster than the undercutting/fill phase. The entirety of Norman should be done with this phase in the next 2 working days. Concrete driveway aprons will be next (after Mull’s are complete), then final asphalt layer will happen.

Concrete driveway replacement begins next week. Crews will do driveways on the east side of the street first, then the west side, so now’s a great time to say “hi” to your across-the-street neighbor if you are looking for alternate parking arrangements. (Reminder: Your concrete driveway will be inaccessible for up to 2-3 days as the apron is poured, then cures–it’s the curing that’s the longer part, but with our winters, a very important part.) A final asphalt layer will follow, then that crew moves on to Norman and Gedeohn.

Hope you have fared well enough so far. We are happy to say things are looking good to finish even sooner than expected.

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226

Sent 8/26/16

As you may have seen (or will see) in the notice from Underground Utilities Inc., this is the trickiest part of the whole project: The road refurbishing work. The City of Avon Lake has kindly arranged a refurbishment of Mull and Norman to make them stronger and longer lasting for you. However, this road work will, more than other parts of this project, negatively impact access to your driveway. Here are additional details to help you figure out what to expect in the near future. As usual, sequencing will be Mull, then Norman. EMERGENCY ACCESS SHALL BE MAINTAINED DURING THIS WORK. WE WILL CONTINUE TO WORK WITH REPUBLIC SERVICES TO CONTINUE REGULAR TRASH/RECYCLING SERVICE. Keep your feedback coming. Now: Here’s what’s happening.

First phase of road construction: Road excavation and placement of stone base

What they’re doing (this is what has already started on Mull): Removing the road, to a depth of 18”, replacing it with stone to make it sturdier and longer wearing.

# of passes by your house: 1

Resident impact: Entry/exit to your house will be limited to one direction for most of this phase, and for ~3 days during this phase, you will not be able to get in/out of your driveway during work hours (7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.) unless you call us (440-933-6226) or talk to the crews. If you commute to work on weekdays, it would be best to leave before crews start and return after they leave. You will not be able to leave your driveway at all for any reason while trucks are installing the road directly in front of your house, which, for most could take as few as 4-6 hours, but for some could extend into the next day. You will have ~24 hours’ notice on when your outage is imminent, but since you won’t know for sure you will be impacted until this day before, keep an eye on daily progress elsewhere if you’re trying to gauge timing for a later event. AS PER USUAL, TRUCKS WILL BE PULLED OUT OF THE WAY (AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) DURING NON-WORK HOURS.

This work should start/end no later than (and likely prior to):

  • Mull: Now through 9/2
  • Norman: 8/31- 9/19

(Note: During road-base replacement of streets of this age, unpleasant surprises (in what lies beneath the asphalt) are always possible. Should anything happen to change these time estimates, we’ll let you know.)


Second phase of road construction: Base pavement and intermediate pavement

What they’re doing: Laying down the first layer of pavement, then starting at the beginning and laying the second.

# of passes by your house during this phase: 2

Resident impact: Same as first phase, but less outage time—it’s a much faster process, both times they pass by. (That also means the crews will get to your house more quickly than the last phase.)

This work should start/end no later than (and likely prior to):

  • Mull: 9/1-9/7
  • Norman: 9/19-9/29


Final phase of entire project: Restoration

What they’re doing: Restoring your driveway apron/approach (a.k.a. the bottom of your driveway) and grading/replanting grass

# of passes by your house during this phase: 1 with limitations (grass seeding may be done at a different time, and will not limit driveway access)

Resident impact: None for stone/dirt driveways. If you had an asphalt or concrete driveway apron, you may need to find alternative parking if you need to move your car for the 2-3 days (24-hour days, not just work days) your new apron will take to cure.

This work should start/end no later than (and likely prior to):

  • Mull: 9/19-10/14
  • Norman: 10/10-10/28


Assuming weather does not cancel any work days, we expect you’ll see the end of all work by 11/19. If you have any un-addressed issues, make sure you reach out very soon.


As always, don’t hesitate to call us directly with any questions or concerns, about this e-mail our about your own project to separate your home’s outgoing water. Thanks again for all your patience as we work to keep Lake Erie clean (and your basements free of wastewater).


Sent 7/20/16

A note for anyone who has not yet had their wastewater laterals installed: In order to get this project done (and your streets rebuilt) even sooner, starting tomorrow, two crews will be assigned to building laterals. The only downside: A slightly longer work area. (Crews will be working behind one another, not side by side). Homes in the active construction area will still be able to get out of their driveway/the neighborhood, but will need to signal to crews, then wait as crews stop work, move vehicles and cover open holes with metal plates for your safe exit. As always, please give us a call if you have any concerns or questions.



Sent 6/14/16

Last call for backwater valve orders

Construction of the underground pipes (a.k.a. laterals) connecting each home to the under-street sewers are already underway. It’s too late for those north of Electric, but, if you are south of Electric and want a backwater valve (or two) to help guard against basement backups, you may still be able to order one. The $300 cost includes the valve and installation, which is done as we build your new connections to the storm and sanitary sewers beneath the road. Call us at (440) 933-6226 if interested.

Brief water outages on Norman begin soon

You know we’ve installed a new water line on your street—now we have to connect you to it. Homes on Mull went first. Now it’s time for Norman residents to get connected. During the process, you’ll lose your water for a little while. Why? To connect you, we have to first disconnect you. We disconnect your existing water service line (the small, underground pipe that connects the main water line to each home) from the current water main, then we’ll reconnect it to the new one. Then, to maintain the integrity of your home’s water connection, we’ll also be flushing your system as we build that connection. Each home should expect a 30 to 120-minute outage in the next few days/weeks during construction hours (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.). Once we’re ready to do yours, we’ll knock on your door 10-30 minutes beforehand to let you know your outage is imminent.

Sent 5/25/16

Please be advised—we just got word that Grove Avenue at Norman will be closed tomorrow and Tuesday as crews cut across Grove to connect your new water main to the system. That said, bike riders should be able to pass unobstructed on Grove’s south sidewalk. Buses and emergency vehicles will be allowed through on Thursday, but not Tuesday.

Grove should be open and passable (and free of active construction) both Friday and Monday, so please enjoy your construction-free holiday. Though Grove will be completely closed Tuesday, at least the south sidewalk should remain unobstructed.

For any of you who may have lost water today, or, any day during this project, our apologies. Thanks for your continued patience. In general, any water outages during this project have been a result of unexpected onsite issues. For these and any future outages, notification will come from our inspector on your street when he (or, one of the contractor’s crew) comes knocking, not through this update system. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter.

A word of note: Mainline sewer construction is done, your new water main is nearly done (and is being connected tomorrow and Tuesday), and service line work is next—that’s the construction of the smaller water lines that will connect your home to your new water line. Wastewater lateral work (to provide a connection for your home to your new sanitary sewer) will begin in about a month.

Sent 5/20/16

Just a note to let you know that we expect construction on your project to begin later this summer, likely in August.

The bottom line for now: Feel free to plant flowers in your front/side yards. When construction begins, it will be limited to the street/treelawn area for the first months.

We’ll be hosting an info night so you can ask us any questions in person—it will likely be held at Redwood Elementary or the library one evening during the week of July 11. We will also send information via this e-mail distribution. We’ll start sending more updates once we have solid meeting/start dates for your project.

Have a great weekend.

Sent 4/8/16

Hopefully, you are all surviving construction well enough. We are sorry for any inconvenience the project may cause you. While it IS temporary, we know it’s no picnic. Thank you again for your patience as we all work together to reduce your chances for basement backups and the amount of untreated sewage your home may send to Lake Erie during rain events.

Here’s what we’ve got for you for this update:

Construction progress

  • Crews have turned south on Norman
  • Water line construction is currently set to start the week of April 18, 2016. As with each phase of construction, work will start at the north end of Mull.

Backwater valves still available

You/your neighbors have ordered a total of 10 backwater valves so far. Each valve provides a physical barrier against sewer backups and would be installed as we build your new lateral connections to the sanitary and storm sewers. If you are interested, give us a call at our number below. The $300 price tag covers the cost of the valve–we are installing them free of charge. These valves reduce your chances of backup, and require regular clean outs to stay effective. Interested? We are happy to answer your questions over the phone—but you’ll need to order your valve before our lateral crew gets to you. You can also find out more by visiting the valve manufacturer’s website:


More of you came to the second info night at Learwood than to the first. If you attended the February meeting, to help us better serve you in the future, PLEASE HIT “REPLY” and e-mail us the bullet point below which is most true for you:

  • The date/time of the first meeting didn’t work for me
  • I wasn’t going to come at all, but after hearing folks talk after the first meeting, I decided I’d better go myself.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to keep your raw sewage out of Lake Erie. Don’t forget to call if you still haven’t gotten your (required) free inspection.

Sent 3/18/16

So … whether or not you live on Mull, you’ve likely seen what’s coming your way—and, Norman is even more narrow. We said it was going to be a pain, but the pictures we showed at Learwood couldn’t do it justice. Unfortunately, the machines HAVE to be big, because you’ve got a LOT of slate under your street to dig through, and we have to dig deep—about 20 feet in many places. And the slate gets tougher the deeper you dig. The bigger equipment allows us to do the same work much faster—and we know you want us out of there as soon as possible. A few other items of note, as you brace for the worst:

  • Avon Lake Regional Water is there on site every day of construction. One of our inspectors is there whenever crews are working, checking all work done, making sure they do what they’ve agreed to and that they are doing things according to our standards. Need to talk to him? Look for the green hard hat.
  • Your driveway should always be accessible from at least one direction unless you’ve been notified your driveway will be blocked during that day’s operations. (Someone will come by to give you advance notice if they need to block your driveway temporarily.) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN by calling Jack Gaydar, 440-933-6226 x214, cell 440-213-3090.
  • In general, crews park the (very large) excavator where they do so they can use its bucket to keep the plate (covering the hole in the road) and other items in place and safe for you and your families.
  • Electric is open again, but it will reclose Monday (3/21) for most of next week to facilitate the progression of your project. It should reopen on Good Friday, if all goes well.

Coming soon: Homeowner loans—from us

We’ve just cleared another hurdle to being able to offer you a loan to help you complete your needed separation, and we are working on finalizing the loan agreement now. Call us if you’re interested and we’ll get you started.

As always, please continue to call us with any issues, even for the road replacement and storm sewer work being done on behalf of the City of Avon Lake. And, if you haven’t called us to schedule your home’s free inspection yet so you can know if you need to get your own project started, please do.

Sent 2/26/16

This update will give you:

  • An overview of the coming construction
  • Detail about our backwater valve installation offer
  • A video look at your part of this project

IMPORTANT NOTE: These updates are provided for your convenience so you can plan your year and your home’s separation project. Weather and unexpected underground conditions can cause delays. The dates below are “perfect world” … which we all know better than to expect. That said, our secret weapon is “off Fridays”. “What are those?” you might ask? Your normal construction week will run Monday through Thursday. This is good for two reasons: It gives you an extra construction-vehicle free day during good-weather weeks, but also an extra work day for crews to catch up on time lost to inclement weather.  


Construction is now expected to start 3/7 (weather dependent), closing Lake Road at Mull for the week, including nights. (Detour: SouthPoint/Electric/Lear). Here’s a look at how the first several weeks will go:

FIRST CREW: BUILDING THE NEW SANITARY SEWER (~4-5 months from first house on Mull to last on Norman)

Assuming the 3/7 start date, it should be 3/15 before crews start tearing up the road in front of the north-most homes on Mull, then work will move relatively quickly south each day. As some saw at the recent info nights, the first crew to pass your house will be installing your new sanitary sewer—that crew should take about 3 months to make it from the top of Mull to south-most Norman. Expect to see our trucks in addition to the construction equipment, as (1) we always have an inspector on site, checking the contractor’s every move and (2) construction can cause water-main breaks in older lines like these. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE LOCATION OF YOUR CONNECTION TO THE SANITARY OR STORM SEWER, NOW’S THE TIME TO TELL US. Jack Gaydar (440-933-6226 x214) is your contact on this OR to notify about any irrigation lines or pet fences on your property so we can  protect them during the project. (If you have them and don’t call us, we aren’t responsible for fixing them if they are broken.)

SECOND CREW: BUILDING LATERAL CONNECTIONS (About 4-5 months from first house on Mull to last on Norman—could start ~4/11)

The second crew to pass will build your home’s connection(s) to the sanitary and (possibly) the storm sewer(s) and yard drains.


This crew should start in mid- to late-June.

FOURTH CREW: YARD DRAINS (about 2 months)

Starting mid- to late July.

Restoration and clean up would begin at the project start (north Mull) in early September.


To further help you reduce your chances of basement flooding, we are working with a manufacturer of backwater valves to provide you an easy way to purchase them—then we’ll install them for free as we build your new sewer. The cost to you is $300 per valve. You can buy one for your sanitary lateral and/or one for your storm lateral. Payment options: Pay us, Avon Lake Regional Water, up front, or we’ll split the cost between your next two water bills. You can learn more about these devices at the manufacturer’s website. The one we’re offering for $300 is the PVC option.

NOTE: As you consider getting one, know there is maintenance to keeping it functional. The manufacturer recommends checking/cleaning it out every three months, though we find six months can be okay, too. The important thing to know: Without maintenance, it can get propped open, impairing its usefulness. See more about what’s involved in taking care of yours at If you are interested in ordering one for us to install YOU MUST LET US KNOW BY THE TIME THE FIRST CREW PASSES YOUR HOUSE. Please call Jack Gaydar (x214) to order.


Still don’t understand what you might need to do as part of this project? Watch this.

Sent 2/12/16

For those of you who were there at our 1/26 info night, thanks for coming—it was good to hear your questions and concerns. For those of you who didn’t make it, come to Learwood’s cafeteria on 2/18, at 7 p.m. to hear what you missed. Now, for your update …

Construction on your project is set to begin the week of February 29, 2016 (weather permitting), and will require the closure of Lake Road at Mull during the weekdays to allow connection of the new sewer to the Lake Road interceptor, one of Avon Lake’s primary wastewater highways. If crews are able to start Monday and work each day, Lake should reopen Thursday night; if Monday is inclement and crews start Tuesday, Lake would likely reopen Friday night, and so on. If you plan to drive on Lake, the detour is Lear/Electric/South Point. (Neighboring communities and trucks are being directed to use different detours—posted “Road Closed” signs may only say “Road Closed” not “Road Closed to Thru Traffic”—please proceed to Lear/Southpoint, regardless of any signage at Columbia, Bradley or 83.)

Now, on to your part of the project: Get it started soon, and you may be able to finish in time for us to connect you when we install your lateral(s), saving you money and starting your $1,000 in wastewater credits sooner, should you connect two laterals. (Click here for more info on that.)

How will you know when it’s too late for us to connect you? The lateral crew you’re looking for will be the one that cuts a relatively thin strip perpendicularly across the asphalt to EVERY home’s yard. They will be the third crew that passes by. Start date (at north end of Mull, as is the starting point for each phase) is currently estimated to be late spring. We’ll update you if/when that changes.

Don’t forget to let Jack Gaydar (x214) know about your irrigation lines or pet fence locations before construction begins. If you don’t tell us about them, we’re not responsible for fixing them if they are damaged during the project.

Thanks in advance for your tolerance—please contact us any time with any questions or concerns.

Your friends at Avon Lake Water 440.933.6226 (To set up inspections, notify us of irrigation/invisible fences, request we move your connection to the sewer when we build it.)

p.s. Attention Lear Road drivers: If you drive south of Walker, you may have seen crews setting up for a new project. Starting 2/25 (and occasionally before then), expect delays as Lear goes to one lane between Dorchester and Country Club for 3-4 weeks. You can read more about the project at

Sent 10/7/2015

Your street’s construction isn’t starting for a while yet, but we’d like to give you a quick overview of what’s already been done and what’s to come.

Avon Lake has been separating our sewers for years, in accordance with EPA dictates to reduce our combined sewers from dumping millions of gallons of untreated wastewater into Lake Erie each year during severe rain events. (Avon Lake’s overloaded combined sewers also cause basement backups.) Avon Lake Regional Water’s Combined Sewer Separation project, which includes each homeowner separating their home’s water, is an important part of reducing these backups, protecting Lake Erie, and avoiding your money being spent on EPA fines for excessive sewage overflows.

This project should begin February/March 2016 and end by November 2016. Your street already has two sewers beneath it, but very few of you are connected to one of them—the storm sewer. In decades past, we allowed your foundation drains to remain connected to our sanitary lateral, but the storms of recent years have shown separation must be required. This project, considered a sewer rehabilitation, will make it easier for you to connect your foundation drain to your storm sewer, keeping your home’s water out of people’s basements. Immediately prior to the sewer work, we will install new water lines on Mull and Norman to proactively protect you and your neighbors from water outages caused by aging water lines.

As we prepared for the work, we at Avon Lake Regional Water helped you by paying thousands of dollars for a video lateral assessment to show where your laterals are on your property as you begin to undertake your own separation. (This assessment is basically an underground movie of the inside of the sewer laterals coming out of your home.) You are welcome to this video, as well as other information we have (see the list below). The (non-orange) stakes in your yard were the results of this assessment. It’s okay to remove them, but leaving them in for a bit could save you money (see “Other things you should know” below.)

By February 1, 2018, you are responsible for making sure your home’s outgoing water is separated—that is, that you are not putting your home’s waste water in the storm sewer or your home’s clean (foundation drain/gutters) water in the sanitary sewer. Most Avon Lakers have already paid for their homes’ separation. Now, it’s your turn. You still have plenty of time to get it done, and you might already be in compliance, so call us now if you haven’t already to find out.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Call us at 440.933.6226 to set up a time when we can inspect your home’s current outgoing-water status.
  2. If our inspection determines you have work to do (or questions to answer) before you are in compliance, you may need to call a contractor (or, as many contractors as you want) to help you get answers or work done. We’ve attached a list of those who have met with us, but certainly there are others who can do the work.

Note: Coordinate with neighbors and ask your contractor for group pricing. Different contractors may come up with different plans for you. It can be helpful to hear ideas from more than one contractor.

  1. We have assets you/your contractor may find useful.
    1. Your home’s lateral locator video. (Available for pickup here.)
    2. The engineering schematic of your lateral(s) (Our inspector should have this; feel free to ask him for it, or call/come to make sure we have one for your address.)
    3. Photos taken during the lateral locator survey. (Available by request for pickup here.)
  2. Once your home’s water is separated, call us again. We’ll either connect you as we finish your sanitary sewer rehab or your contractor can connect you if you complete the work after we’ve already finished the work in front of your home. Please note: Whenever you connect your home’s lateral(s) to either of the connections that lead to the sewers under your street, Avon Lake Regional Water needs to be present to certify the work’s been done correctly. Homeowners who have separated their home’s water after 2/1/2013 will begin receiving credits to your wastewater bill once your home’s water is separated and connected to the applicable sewer.


  • Some of your homes have one lateral drain, most likely putting your home’s water into the sanitary sewer. Some of you have two lateral drains. This project will (1) construct a new water line for your street, (2) reconstruct your sanitary sewer (and sanitary lateral connection as needed), and (3) build you a storm lateral connection to the existing storm sewer if you don’t have one already. Due to the age of your neighborhood, the Mull-Norman sewer rehabilitation is unique among many of the combined sewer separations we’ve done. Every home is different. In addition to overseeing the work being done around your property, we are available to you throughout your own water-separation project. If our inspection of your home reveals the need for work to be done, we are happy to join you as you meet with your plumbing/excavation contractor to help simplify the process for you as much as possible.
  • Your current yard stakes can help save you money. They indicate the location, depth, and orientation of your lateral. This will save you (and your potential contractor) time and money figuring out where your current lateral is. Ideally, keep them in place until you confirm your home is already in compliance, or until you’ve hired a contractor and they are able to document your lateral’s location.
  • A wooden stake with bright orange paint means our video inspection was stopped by a blockage and your current lateral likely has root issues. You’ll be receiving a hard-copy letter from us confirming this. This almost always means you have an immediate maintenance issue.
  • Complete (or, at least plan) your own project before our crews get to you—then we can connect you ourselves, instead of your contractor doing it. Planning ahead gives you and your contractor more flexibility as you devise your separation solution. If we don’t hear from you, any new lateral connection we build for you will be put right beside your current lateral connection. But, if building your new lateral to exit your property elsewhere will save you money, tell us and we can build your new sewer connection straight to it.
  • If your home is on a slab, was built after 1972, or has had major sewer work done in the last 7 years, you may already be in compliance—but you do need to have us come inspect your home first. If you have no work to do, we will send you written notification confirming your home’s compliance.
  • If you have questions, you can get them answered in person at your neighborhood’s informational meeting. The meeting will most likely be held in January or February and will include a 30-minute presentation to outline the project, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Afterwards, our staff will stay to your address-specific questions.
  • Due to the narrow nature of your street and the close proximity of homes, this project will have a major impact on driving and street parking in your neighborhood. We will do our best to minimize the impact, but expect to change your entry/exit route to/from your home regularly to bypass your street’s moving road closures.
  • If you have sprinklers or an Invisible Fence in your yard, please call our Engineering Services Manager Jack Gaydar at 440.933.6226 x214 so he can make the necessary notations to ensure those lines won’t be cut as he readies the construction documents.
  • Please forward this e-mail to any neighbors you know. We do not have a complete list of e-mail addresses for your neighborhood.

We know this is a lot of information, but we want you to be well informed. We will be putting together a video to help you understand the project a little better, and will e-mail a link to it, as well as play it at the information night. At any point, don’t hesitate to contact us via this e-mail address (or, at 933-6226) with your concerns, comments or questions.

If you did not get this e-mail directly from us and you would like to receive electronic updates on your area’s construction from now until project completion, please e-mail your request, along with your street address to

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water


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