Fairfield-Brookfield project e-updates


Intersection closures, Columbia Gas update

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a construction e-update, right?

  • Starting approximately 2 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, February 15), Redwood will be closed to cars at Inwood to facilitate construction. It will reopen to traffic in the evenings, but may be closed again to cars Thursday. (The intersection will remain accessible for school buses and EMS.)
  • Once that intersection work is complete, the closure will move to Electric Boulevard at Inwood, closing the intersection during the work day. The intersection will reopen for the evening/weekend, but may be closed again Monday (2/20) as work is completed. The intersection will remain accessible to EMS and school buses. Detour routes will be posted.
  • Columbia Gas has decided to indefinitely postpone their work in your area. We’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

Another note: Last month, the City Council of Avon Lake passed a Resolution of Necessity that codifies your home’s separation requirement (your deadline is February 1, 2019). Homeowners, please call us today if you still haven’t gotten your inspection or if you aren’t sure if your home is already in compliance. Know you have work to do? Don’t forget about our loan program: avonlakewater.org/loan

As always, we thank you for your patience as we work to keep Lake Erie clean (and your basements dry).

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226


Two things:

  • The yard signs that started going up yesterday are just a reminder for folks that still have work to do or still need to have us come inspect. Nothing has changed. The deadline is the same as always. The signs are just there to encourage those who’ve been holding off to get their inspection or complete their project. For the good of the lake and your basements, 100% compliance is mandatory, thus the signs to make sure all have gotten the word. Thanks in advance for your patience with them. We will take them away and bring them back over the course of your deadline, and we appreciate in advance your toleration of their presence. They are a necessary evil as we work to help you and your neighbors avoid daily fines (and backing up into your basement) if storm water is still going into the sanitary sewer.

Don’t forget: If you have work to do and want your cash flow to stay liquid, apply for our low-interest Lateral Loan Program, payable over 10 years via your water bill. Approval is pretty much a sure thing. Find out more and start the process at avonlakewater.org/loan.

  • Columbia Gas has informed us they are now in a holding pattern in regards to work in your neighborhood (specifically, the Fairfield pilot project). We await further word from them. Once they let us know the new plan, we’ll let you know what it is, and provide you a phone number or e-mail address in case you have any questions for them.

By the way, thanks to your help, good weather and an efficient contractor, your project is ahead of schedule. If favorable conditions persist, we expect we’ll be out of your hair earlier than expected! How’s that for a good Friday the 13th?

Have a great weekend,
Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water


Welcome to all of our new subscribers! Here’s what all of you can expect this week and in the near future.

Electric closed this week
Electric is closed at Inwood so the sanitary sewer main can be built across the intersection. The closure should last all week, unless too-cold or rainy weather stops work unexpectedly (extending the closure).

Redwood water outages
As we connect the new water main to the water system, some homes will lose water service during the “service switchover.” You will receive a bright green doorhanger with details if your home will be affected.

Late-January Fairfield pilot project
Some of you might remember hearing (in an earlier e-Update) about Columbia Gas’ interest in doing work on your gas service lines now to prevent later construction work. Now, they believe they can do it in a way that won’t add significant time (or other negative repercussions) to your sewer separation. Therefore, at the end of this month, Columbia Gas and their contractor InfraSource will be working on Fairfield, inserting service lines under the street. They will be “directional drilling” underneath the street from their gas main to across-the-street homes, replacing the service line to each home. This entails a directional bore, an installation vehicle and an inspector, all in the front yard of all homes affected (all the homes on the side of the street opposite the main). If the test goes well, they expect to continue the work on additional streets during your separation project. Columbia Gas will be taking before and after photos, as well, and will be responsible for restoring any areas they disturb in your lawn/treelawn areas during their work (just like us). We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Any other questions for us? Still need to get your inspection? Call us.

See you out there,

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. As you gear up for more holidays, a few important notes:

  • All is going well and according to schedule. Brookfield’s new sanitary sewer is complete, Inwood’s is up next. The next phase, construction of Brookfield’s laterals (the connection stubs for each home to connect to the new sanitary and storm sewers) may likely start in January.
  • To make sure you save as much money as possible on your own project, get your inspection/separation plan BEFORE we start building the sanitary sewer on your street. If your new sanitary sewer is not yet built, when we DO build it, we can move your connection to it to a place that saves you the most money. Once we come out, you’ll know if you have anything to do. Once you have a plan to do it, you’ll know if you need us to move those connection(s) for you.
  • Fire hydrants are part of water lines. Regulations have changed since your water lines were last built. Now, fire hydrants must be closer together than in the past. As your new water lines are built, yards that had a fire hydrant before might not, and yards that never had one might get one. It’s all about keeping your home safe from fire–our city’s diligent observation of fire code is one of the reasons Avon Lake residents enjoy lower homeowner insurance rates than other locales.
  • Redwood water line work starts with WATER OUTAGE next week: Starting Monday, December 5, a portion of Redwood Boulevard’s water line will be replaced, leaving some residences on Brookfield without water for a few hours. The new portion of water line will be built from Brookfield to just east of Redwood Elementary’s Beachwood exit. In order to start work, the existing water main on Redwood needs to be shut off as we cut into the existing main to connect the new section. Only Brookfield residences will be affected at this time, and they will be notified with a door hanger on Friday and a Monday morning knock on the door: Brookfield 32873, 32863, 32859, 32866, 32860, 32853, 32851, 32847. These addresses (and any others that might receive a doorhanger) will temporarily lose their water service starting approximately 8 a.m. on 12/5. Water service should resume no later than noon and could resume earlier. Customers with special needs should call us at (440) 933-6226 x214. This water line work will NOT close Redwood Boulevard, but Redwood will be down to one lane all month (during work hours) where active work is taking place between Brookfield and Redwood Elementary.
  • Lake Road at Inwood will close on Monday, December 12, 2016 for four (4) working days to tie-in the new sanitary sewer. Published detour will route drivers around the closure using 83/Electric/Moorewood. ELECTRIC BLVD will remain open both ways.
  • Crews will take a break between Christmas and New Year’s, and start back to work on 1/2/17.

Enjoy your construction-free holidays. We wish you and yours all our best this season.

Still need an inspection? You must make sure your home is not contributing storm water to the sanitary sewer (and, if it is, remove it) by February 2019, but, as we mentioned above, there can be serious savings if you do it before your new sanitary sewer is installed. Call us today for your inspection. 

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226


Just got word: Inwood closed at Electric tomorrow through Thursday. Parkwood is detour. Electric west of Glenview still closed. Buses and emergency vehicles will be let through. As always, don’t forget to let us know if your household has any special accessibility needs.

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226


Two developments have arisen, one minor, one significant.

  • Order of/dates for construction of the Electric storm sewer and the Inwood water main have been swapped. We’ve included an updated timeline below. Please note the related Electric Boulevard impact.
  • Columbia Gas has heard about this project and wants to move up their own project in your neighborhood (replacing your gas pipelines/house service lines) a few years so they can save money and you the re-digging up of half your treelawns. We have reservations about the request, and will be vetting the details with them and the City during the next few weeks. Here are few pros/cons, with more info to come later:
Pros Cons
·         Residents of one side of each street will save getting their treelawns dug up a few years from now (Columbia Gas would be responsible for replanting your grass if done then, not you)

·         Streamlines multiple infrastructure-improvement projects; prevents a later construction event on your street

·         Adds AT LEAST six weeks to your dug-up street

·         We would have no control over their contractors and work quality (and its impact on your road work we’d be doing later)

·         We have no way of knowing if their 6-week estimate is accurate, and would need to come to a formal agreement with Columbia Gas providing recourse if their projections are incorrect.

We certainly would be happy to save half of you some upturned treelawn dirt in a few years, but it’s important to make sure Columbia Gas’s request does not end up costing us (you) more money and frustration. Perhaps Columbia Gas will offer additional incentives to make the question marks more worthwhile. We’ll keep you posted.


This week:                Continued Brookfield sanitary sewer main construction, Lake to Electric; ELECTRIC@BROOKFIELD CLOSED UNTIL THURSDAY

10/17-11/25:          Continued Brookfield sanitary main construction; Electric to Redwood; ELECTRIC@BROOKFIELD OPEN

Week of 10/17:      Begin Electric Boulevard storm sewer construction; ELECTRIC b/w Heider Ditch and Glenview: ONE LANE ONLY W/POLICE DIRECTING DRIVERS

10/24-11/18:          Electric Boulevard storm sewer construction continues; ELECTRIC CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC BETWEEN ALUCC DRIVEWAY AND GLENVIEW FOR 4 WEEKS (10/24-11/18)

11/21-1/6:               Inwood water main construction

11/28-1/13/17:      Brookfield storm main construction, Electric to Redwood

Note: Most “road closed” signs will remain where they are for the duration of the project. We do this even when there is no active construction happening to deter non-residents from the area. You (for the most part) and emergency vehicles (always) may be able to pass regardless of signage, unless the site is under active construction–then it becomes a matter of your safety. Our contractor, UUI (Underground Utilities Inc.) is very accommodating to residents and will wave you through whenever possible.

Any questions? You guys are doing really well–68 percent of you have already had your homes inspected. If you haven’t had us out yet, call us today to set that up: 440-933-6226.


IF YOU USUALLY GET E-BILLS/AUTO DEBITED, you didn’t this quarter. We mailed it instead–and we couldn’t auto-debit your account. Why? We are transitioning to a new, customer-friendlier billing system that provides you more options. (Irony not lost on us.) Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this causes you. If you haven’t seen your bill this quarter, that also means you have no idea about this switchover, since all the information about the switchover was in that envelope. IF THIS IS YOU, please e-mail us (contact@avonlakewater.org) or call us if you need a copy of this quarter’s bill e-mailed to you … or, if you’d just like more information about how to pay your bill this (and future) quarters.  (You can also find more info about the switch on our website, avonlakewater.org.) We’re hoping the system will be back up and ready for you to pay Monday.

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226

Sent 10/7/16

In addition to Electric being closed at Brookfield next week as the sanitary main is built underneath it (should reopen during non-construction hours), please know there will be a couple changes to the overall schedule on the way next week. A reordering. Basically, the Inwood water main will be done later than originally planned. Just part of how these things go, sometimes. We’ll get you new dates next week. Have a great Homecoming weekend. Go Shoremen!

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226

Sent 9/6/2016

If this is your first update regarding your upcoming sewer separation, welcome to the party. Well, party line, at least. While the construction itself won’t be a party, it WILL benefit your home (help reduce basement backups) and the lake (improve water quality by reducing raw sewage overflows into Lake Erie). Along the way, we will try to provide information that will help make things easier on you during the two-year project. We appreciate in advance your patience and understanding as we work to finish the project quickly while caring for you, our city and our lake.

A quick recap:

  • Construction is expected to start 9/26. The entire project will take two years, with each street taking about one year. Expected order of streets: Brookfield, then Inwood (~10/2016-10/2017), then Berkshire then Fairfield (~4/2017-8/2018). Please note streets overlap.
  • Restoration (putting driveways, sidewalks, grass back the way they were) will happen as construction on your street is complete; the final layer of asphalt will be put down in the fall of 2018, after the entire project area is complete.
  • CALL US THIS WEEK to schedule your home’s inspection, if you haven’t already. You may also be able to get a loan from us to complete your project. Our number is (440) 933-6226.
  • You may have your own project to do. You need to make sure your home’s outgoing water is separate by February 2019, and may save money if you finish your project before we complete the sewers in front of your home. If you haven’t already, you will receive a DVD in the mail that will give more detail on the whys and hows of separating your home’s water.
  • Construction days/hours: Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. (Crews work Fridays only if weather prevents regular workday work.)
  • You’ll be notified the day before of any planned water outages.
  • Emergency/trash/recycling/leaf pickup services will continue. (Call us if you experience any problems.)
  • If you’d like to order a backwater valve (we’d install it as we install your connection to the new sewer(s), the cost of the valve and installation is $300. It is designed to help prevent water from the sewer from coming into your basement, but requires regular maintenance on your part. We do not recommend or not recommend them, but, with regular maintenance, they can be an added safeguard against sewer surcharges. Jack (see bullet above) is your contact on this, as well.
  • CALL US TODAY if you have a pet fence or irrigation system (Jack at 440-933-6226 x214).

Weren’t able to make it to last Tuesday’s meeting, but want to see it? You’ve got options:

  • Watch it on TV: Avon Lake’s government channel (Time-Warner channel 12, WOW channel 21) starting Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Tuesday, September 13. The meeting will air daily at 5 a.m., 11 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.
  • Watch it online at http://www.avonlake.org/departments/community-television/online-shows
  • For your convenience, the PowerPoint and handout from last Tuesday night’s meeting are attached.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. Thanks for helping us keep Lake Erie clean,

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water

Sent 9/23/16

The big day (9/26, the start of your project) is nigh. Some manholes have already arrived, and are being stored across the street from the Avon Lake Boat Club (got to love the idea of a hole being delivered). While it may take a while for some of you to see action in front of your house (which means you still have time to have us inspect/separate your home’s outgoing water in time for us to connect you), here are some thoughts as things get started:

  • Any pipes in your yard will not be there very long.
  • Lake Road will be closed at Brookfield all week next week–so crews can cut across Lake Road, remove it, then start building your new sanitary (wastewater) sewer underneath it.
  • The sanitary sewer main line will be the first thing crews install.
  • Crews will work down the middle of each street in turn, north to south, a rolling road closure that first removes asphalt, builds the sewer underground, then puts a temporary patch in place so it can be driven over. Patches will stay in place for a while as crews continue to come through for the various phases (storm sewer, water line) before streets are rebuilt/repaved all at once closer to the end of the project.

Don’t forget–call us at 440-933-6226 if you:

  • Have an invisible pet fence or irrigation system;
  • Want to purchase/have us install a backwater valve when we install your connection to the sanitary and/or storm sewer. (Don’t forget, it does add a level of maintenance);
  • Still need to schedule your (free) inspection with us so you know if you have work to do;
  • Want to borrow money from us as you do your own separation project;
  • Have no idea what you need to do/what this is all about.

Thanks in advance for your patience and work to help keep Lake Erie clean. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for any reason.

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226


Now that things have gotten started there, here’s a quick look at some ESTIMATED project dates coming up in the next several weeks. These dates could change (and it’s likely each will finish/start a little earlier than expected the longer we’re at work there), but, for now, here is your schedule through the middle of January:

9/26-10/7: Brookfield sanitary sewer main construction, Lake to Electric

10/10-11/4: Inwood water main construction

10/10-11/25: Brookfield sanitary main construction, Electric to Redwood

11/28-1/13/17: Brookfield storm main construction, Electric to Redwood

We’ve included Friday dates as end dates above, but, in general, Fridays will be work free. Our crews will only be there Friday if weather has mandated it. We don’t expect that to happen very often.

PLEASE NOTE: Electric Boulevard at Brookfield will be closed to traffic starting Monday, October 3, 2016 as the contractor comes into, crossing and continues south through the intersection. It will remain closed each evening and will open at the end of the construction work week (Thursday, weather permitting).  The detour will be the reverse of this week’s detour–drivers will bypass the closure via Lake Road.

Warm regards,

Your friends at Avon Lake Regional Water
(440) 933-6226



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