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Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation – Lateral Separation

The Great Lakes hold more than 20% of the world’s fresh surface water, and Lake Erie is the most at-risk lake of all the Great Lakes, because it is the shallowest. It is also the sole source of drinking water for millions of people, including Avon Lake.

To stay in compliance with EPA standards regarding the amount of raw sewage that discharges into Lake Erie, all Avon Lake homes need to separate their outgoing clean water (from foundation drains, yard drains, and downspouts) from dirty water (wastewater) and make sure their clean water is taken out of the sanitary sewer. As part of that effort, Avon Lake Regional Water and the City of Avon Lake are working together on the Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation Program.

The goal of the Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation Program is to: (1) separate all sanitary and storm water sewers and (2) make sure residents are putting the correct water into the correct sewer. With combined sewers, raw sewage and rain water go into the same pipe under the street. During heavy rain events, the combined water often “surcharges” this sewer, and discharges into Lake Erie.

The Avon Lake Combined Sewer Separation Program has two components: (1) Avon Lake Regional Water and the City of Avon Lake separating the City’s combined sewers, and (2) homeowners with properties built prior to 1972 separating their combined laterals.

Click here to read the City of Avon Lake’s Resolution of Necessity.

By November 30, 2019, or earlier most Avon Lake homeowners will need to take their storm water out of the sanitary sewer.

Group A – November 30, 2018:

  • The Group A area includes homes on formerly combined sewer area streets including the Belmar project area (Artsdale, Ashwood, Belmar, parts of Electric, parts of Lake, Mooreland, and parts of Redwood), the Moorewood project area (Beachwood, Crestwood, Parkwood, Moorewood, parts of Electric, parts of Redwood, and Vinewood), Avon Belden (south of Redwood), Bellaire, Burton, Cherry, Dellwood, Drummond, Duff, Electric (parts), Glenview, Harvey, Inwood (south of Redwood), James, Jaycox, June, Lake (parts), Lear, Miller, Moore, Mull, Norman, Parkview, Redwood (parts), West Shore, Woodstock (south of Electric), Yoder, and York.

Group B – June 30, 2019:

  • The Group B area entails homes in the Fairfield-Brookfield Sewer Separation Project (Berkshire, Brookfield, Fairfield, Inwood north of Redwood, parts of Lake, and parts of Electric), as well as homes on streets with formerly combined sewers that do not have storm access including Avon Belden (north of Redwood), Beachdale, Beck, Curtis, Fay, Forest Hill, Groveland, Hermann, Karen, Sunset, Vanda, Vineyard, and Woodstock (Electric to Lake).

Group C – November 30, 2019:

  • The Group C area entails homes in the 45 Area Combined Sewer Separation Project (Forest, Grove, Lakeview, Lakewood, Oakwood, South Point, and Tomahawk) and on Avondale.

Please call us at 440-933-6226 to schedule a free inspection of your home so you’ll know what, if anything, before your deadline. Here’s how we’re helping make this a little easier for you:

  • Avon Lake Regional Water is giving homeowners $1,000 in sewer bill credits** once the lateral is connected (click here for program details);
  • Avon Lake Regional Water and the City of Avon Lake are waiving all permitting fees for work done as a part of this project.

*If your home is on a slab, or if you do not have a drain putting clean water into the sanitary sewer, you may not need to build a new lateral. **As long as you are not putting clean (storm/rain) water into the sanitary sewer, one lateral connected to the sanitary sewer will suffice, but then you will not be eligible for $1,000 credit.

For Homeowners who may need to complete lateral separation, below are the necessary steps that need to be taken for compliance.

  • Call Avon Lake Regional Water at (440) 933-6226 to schedule a free inspection of your home to determine what, if anything, needs to be done regarding lateral separation.
  • An inspector from Avon Lake Regional Water comes to your home for the free inspection.
  • If the inspector determines that lateral separation needs to occur, the homeowner finds a contractor to complete the work.*** Avon Lake Regional Water has a list of contractors that are completing lateral separations and which contractors are approved for the Lateral Loan Program. Please note, Avon Lake Regional Water does not recommend any contractors and homeowners are not limited to using contractors on this list. This list is for informational purposes.
  • ***It is possible that our inspector may not be able to tell whether a home needs to separate. In that case, the homeowner may need to find a contractor to assist in determining whether clean water is entering the sanitary lateral.
  • Homeowner determines if he or she wishes to apply for the Lateral Loan Program. If so, the homeowner calls Avon Lake Regional Water at (440) 933-6226 to receive the loan application. Homeowner fills out the loan application and then returns it with the contractor’s quote and timeline for work. Please note, the contractor may not complete the work until the loan application is approved.
  • Contractor completes the work.
  • Contractor calls Avon Lake Regional Water for final inspection. If a sump pump is installed, the City of Avon Lake Building Department must also be called for an inspection.
  • Avon Lake Regional Water (and the Building Department, if a sump pump is installed) inspects/approves work.
  • If the homeowner executed a loan, the contractor will submit the final bill to Avon Lake Regional Water and the homeowner will sign for payment to the contractor.
  • Avon Lake Regional Water will provide the homeowner with a final letter stating compliance.
  • If the homeowner executed the Lateral Loan Program, then the loan will appear on the homeowner’s next quarterly water/wastewater bill.