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From Lake to Tap Take a virtual tour of a day in the life of a drop of Lake Erie water as it travels from the lake to your house.

Here are some other videos you can watch:

What am I paying for, anyway? 
Is your water safe to drink?
How much water does one person use each day?
How much water should I drink to stay healthy?
Where does my drinking water come from?
What is the cost of the water I use in my home?
How wasteful is a leaky toilet or dripping faucet?
Where does the water go when it goes down the drain?
How are germs kept out of my drinking water?
What about pharmaceuticals and personal care products in drinking water?
Should I consider a home filtration device?
Should I buy bottled water?
How much water is used in the home?
What are the best ways to conserve water in the home?
Why does drinking water sometimes look cloudy when first drawn from the tap?
What do I do if my drinking water tastes funny?
How do I find out if my water is safe to drink?
Is the fluoride in my drinking water safe?
What is hard water?
How does lead get into my drinking water & how do I get it out?
How is my water tested & who does the test?
How can I prevent pollution of my drinking water sources?
Is water that meets government drinking water standards absolutely safe?
Is drinking water the same all over the world?

Avon Lake Community-TV Here is the current schedule for the Avon Lake Regional Water Series broadcast weekly on ALC-TV. The schedule is tentative so please check regularly for changes. Click here to view ALC-TV videos.
Flooding Issues Residents Meeting
Leading the Way Home
City Happenings 101

Call Me Cheap
Health Drink
Low Flow
Slow Flow

Others’ Videos A Virtual Tour of the Water Plant

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