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Foundation Drain Sump Disconnection Program

Program Time Frame: April 1, 2012 – December 31, 2022

Program Area: Avon Lake

Program Incentive: $300 sewer credit OR Zoeller Z105 Drain Pump with Basin and $100 sewer credit


During combined sewer separations, Avon Lake Regional Water had historically not required foundation drains with gravity connections to the sanitary sewer to be disconnected. Rather, they were required to be disconnected when a resident performs foundation drain, foundation, or lateral work. However, in 2012, regulations changed requiring removal of all clean water sources from sanitary laterals.

Avon Lake Regional Water embraced many incentive programs to help customers remove clean water sources from sanitary laterals. This specific incentive program is for customers who have a combined sump that accepts both sanitary wastes and foundation drain water and opt to pump the clean water onto their property, rather than separating laterals.

Program Rules

  1. This credit is offered in order to reduce the immediate stormwater inflow experienced in the sanitary sewer after strong rain events. Participants’ homes must be within Avon Lake.
  2. Residents must allow Avon Lake Regional Water representatives to inspect to determine if clean water is entering the sanitary sewer and, if that is the case, after completion of the work to assure the clean water has been permanently removed from the sanitary sewer.
  3. Once it is determined that clean water must be removed, the responsible party must sign an acknowledgement that he/she will complete the repairs within a 90 day timeframe and obtain a Building Permit from the City of Avon Lake (applicable Avon Lake Regional Water fees have been waived for permits related to this program).
  4. If the resident chooses the Zoeller pump and sewer credit, the pump will be available for pickup at Avon Lake Regional Water’s administrative office generally immediately after all Avon Lake Regional Water and Building permits have been received.
  5. If the responsible party is unresponsive to Avon Lake Regional Water’s first and second attempt to schedule the pre-inspection and/or does not respond prior to Avon Lake Regional Water issuing a fine for non-compliance, the resident will be disqualified from being eligible to receive the incentive.
  6. If the responsible party elects to discharge clean water outside his/her residence, rather than into the storm sewer, the resident must not discharge the water in a manner that causes an undue burden on neighboring properties.
  7. Avon Lake Regional Water’s incentives and assistance with the foundation drain disconnection program in no way implies an acceptance of liability for the work that is undertaken or the consequences therefrom.
  8. The responsible party accepts and/or retains ownership, operation, maintenance, and replacement responsibility for anything that may be installed under this program.
  9. The incentive is eligible for residents in the project area who complete the work between April 1, 2012 and December 31, 2022 and submit the re-inspection request by January 31, 2023.
  10. Upon Avon Lake Regional Water’s acceptance of the work and with verification of a finalized Building Permit, Avon Lake Regional Water will place the $100 or $300 sewer credit on the resident’s account for removing the foundation drain water from the sanitary lateral. If the customer later opts into the program that provides a $1,000 bill credit, any credit received through this program will be subtracted from the $1,000 bill credit.
  11. Avon Lake Regional Water shall have sole authority to determine eligibility for program participation, prioritization of requests and compliance with all requirements of the program and Avon Lake Regional Water regulations.