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Avon Lakers enjoy some of the lowest water and wastewater rates in the state (we bill quarterly). Even though rising rates will be a regular thing for us (as well as water utilities around Ohio and the U.S.), we expect our efficiency will continue to keep our rates among the lowest in the state. The latest Ohio EPA Sewer and Water Rate Survey shows Avon Lake residents’ water bills rank in the bottom 1% statewide, and wastewater bills rank in the bottom 12%. When Avon Lake’s water and wastewater bills were compared to those of other cities with a population of 20,000 to 30,000 (like ours), Avon Lake bills were the lowest. In fact, Avon Lake residents saved more than $500 per year compared to the average water and wastewater bill in those cities. One big reason: Our regionality. Selling our water in bulk (and wastewater services) to cities around us helps decrease the cost for everyone. Here’s a look at how much less Avon Lakers pay for water and wastewater compared with our friends outside Avon Lake. 2014OEPA-AnnualBillComparisonLocal(Graph)   2014-OEPA-AnnualBillComparisonToState(Graph)



















That said, providing you with water and wastewater services is a costly job. And don’t forget: Our money is your money. We don’t make a profit, and you own part of everything we own. The processing equipment, pipes, machines, filters, storage tanks, chemicals, electricity, etc. Our crews, engineers and operators all work for you, paid with the money we get from you.  Though we go to great lengths to use our resources efficiently, rising costs and aging infrastructure are costing us more than ever. What’s more, —replacement of aging infrastructure and capital improvements are increasing debt service. Inflation is causing upward pressure on expenses. —We minimize impacts as old debt retires by identifying cost-saving opportunities and adding customers, but as infrastructure is replaced or improved to keep up with changing regulations, our cost-efficiency is not enough; water and wastewater rates must be raised to offset the difference and build up cash reserves.


Water rates (effective 7/1/17) 
First 50,000 Gallons @ 1.85 per thousand
Next 200,000 Gallons @ 1.52 per thousand
Over 250,000 Gallons @ 1.27 per thousand
Minimum water bill is $9.25, even if fewer than 5,000 gallons are consumed.

Wastewater rates (effective 7/1/17): $4.80 per thousand gallons of water consumed. Along with your wastewater charges, $8.25 is added each quarter as an administrative fee.


Quarterly billing  We bill you each quarter, with each bill arriving approximately March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, respectively.

Pay on time. Delinquent bills are subject to a 10% penalty. Bills unpaid by a previous occupant are held as a lien against the property. Our Collection & Distribution Department will schedule a maintenance person to restore service once the bill and all fees and fines are paid. Better yet! Why not pay your water and sewer bill the safe, convenient way with automatic payment from your checking account. See Auto-Pay for details.

Electronic payments. If you are using electronic payments to pay your water bill make sure your bank is allowing enough time for the payment to arrive in the mail before the bill due date. On-line banking payments don’t satisfy late payment. If payment is received after the due date the property owner will receive a Disconnect Notice that service will be terminated until the balance of the bill plus a late payment penalty and reconnect charge are paid at the Miller Road office by noon on the turn-off day. Don’t turn on the water yourself. Tampering with equipment of a public utility will result in a fine and is considered a felony.

Do you irrigate your lawn?
During the third quarter (June, July, Aug.) the residential sewer service charge is adjusted to allow for irrigation. Adjustment is based on water used during the first two quarters of the year. See summer sprinkling for details.

Avon Lake Regional Water 201 Miller Road Avon Lake, OH Phone: 440-933-6226

We are at your service 24 hours a day. The office at 201 Miller Road is open weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. For after-hours emergency calls, please call 440-933-6226 and you’ll hear a voice prompt for emergency service.




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