Love Your Lake

There are lots of ways you can love your lake. One is by making sure your home is not contributing to combined sewer overflows. Another is by picking up litter on the street or in your yard before it gets washed into a storm sewer and transports that trash to Lake Erie. Another way is by celebrating our lake by capturing its image and sharing it with others, so they can be inspired by its beauty.

Below, please find the list of winners for the 2016 Love Your Lake Photography Contest, as selected by WaterFest attendees in August.

A big thank you to all of our competitors–we hope you enter again next year.

2016 Love Your Lake Photography Contest Winners

First place: Craig Collins

Caig Collins 2016

Craig Collins 2016









Second place: Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis 2016

Ken Lewis 2016









Third place: Carol O’Toole

Carol O'Toole 2016

Carol O’Toole 2016

















Honorable mention: Lori Sherwood

Lori Sherwood 2016

Lori Sherwood 2016







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