Lateral loan program

Need some help financing your sewer separation project? If you’re not exactly sure what a lateral is, or why you need to do anything, you’ll find more information here on our site, or watch our video.

Program rules: To be eligible for this 10-year, 2%-interest loan ($4,000 maximum), applicants must separate/reroute their home’s outgoing water using two separate laterals—one for storm water, one for wastewater—each going to its own dedicated sewer under the street.

Sound like this might be for you? Apply here or call (440) 933-6226.

Accepted applicants can expect the following as part of the loan process:

  • Someone from our office will call you to set up your free home inspection, if you’ve not already had yours;
  • We’ll send you a letter after your inspection letting you know if you are eligible;
  • You’ll need to get quotes from contractors and submit them to us (scan and e-mail to or mail/bring to our 201 Miller Road office);
  • You’ll schedule a meeting between you, your selected contractor and us (Avon Lake Regional Water) for pre-project get-together at your house.
  • You’ll sign and return the loan agreement. (Must be signed prior to contractor beginning work.)
  • Contractor contacts Avon Lake Regional Water for inspection(s). All projects must be inspected and approved by Avon Lake Regional Water before payment will be rendered to contractor.
  • Contractor or property owner notifies Avon Lake Regional Water once project is done or nearly so, after which loan applicant signs check release form at Avon Lake Regional Water (201 Miller Road);
  • The agreed-upon amount is sent to contractor;
  • You begin repaying your 10-year loan with your next water/wastewater bill;
  • At the same time, you’ll begin receiving your $1,000 wastewater credit, which will continue to be credited to your home’s address for the next 10 years.


Q: Is the program limited to residents based on income?
A: No. All who have not yet started their project are welcome to apply.

Q: Is the funding coming from an outside source or sources, such as government funds or grants you’ve secured?
A: Loan funds will come initially from Avon Lake Regional Water, but should eventually come from state revolving loans we’re pursuing.


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