Combined sewer separation schedules and individual-home separation deadlines

Beginning summer 2013 through 2019, Avon Lake will finish separating the remaining combined sewer systems of its original 17. They are listed below, including the names of the streets in each project area, as well as estimated construction schedule as available. The final column shows the latest date that residents can have their laterals connected to the new sewers.

Click on the neighborhood below for construction updates.
Project area Streets included Estimated start date Est. sewer completion Lateral deadline
Belmar Belmar, Ashwood, Mooreland, Artsdale, Redwood, Electric Summer 2013 Fall 2014 2/1/2018
Moorewood Moorewood, Crestwood, Vinewood, Parkwood, Beachwood, Elmwood, Electric, Redwood mid-2014 2015 2/1/2018

Curtis Drive

Mull, Lake, Norman



Fall 2016

late 2016

mid 2017



Fairfield/Brookfield Fairfield, Berkshire, Inwood, Brookfield,  Electric, Redwood Late summer ’16 2018 2/1/2019
The 45s Lakewood, Oakwood, Forest, South Point, Tomahawk, Clifton, Overlook 2018 2019 6/30/2019


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