What’s a lateral? Do I need one? Do you have contractor names?

Get the whole story on what a lateral is, why you might need one and how to get started. Lateral 101: What’s a lateral and how can it help save Lake Erie? Download this info sheet for a quick read about laterals, what they are and why you might need one. List of contractors who attended our combined sewer separation briefing and are available to give you free estimates to get your water flowing to the right places.

We have been working on your behalf to make this burden easier on you. Here’s how:

  • We will give homeowners $1,000 in sewer bill rebates once the lateral is connected (see program for details);
  • We and The City of Avon Lake are waiving all permitting fees for work done as a part of this project;
  • We gave at least five years for you to save for and complete your project, starting with our January 2013 letter to you.


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