Water Pipes Flushing in Avon Lake

Beginning Tuesday, October 9th, Avon Lake Regional Water will start flushing the water pipes within the City. Flushing will take place in various areas of the City for the next several weeks. Crews will start on the west side of Avon Lake and then move east.

During flushing, the water is safe to drink and use. However, we recommend reducing your water usage if you see the crews in your area, as this will allow any sediment that may be stirred up during the flushing to pass by your connection and go through the open hydrant. We do recommend you hold off on laundry when you see the crews flushing outside your home to help reduce the changes of sediments possibly staining your clothes.

Your water may become discolored during the flushing process, but it should clear up quickly after running the cold water faucet. If you see discolored water, run your cold water faucet for up to 10 minutes. If you still see discolored water after 10 minutes, give us a call at (440) 933-6226.

Please feel free to call Avon Lake Regional Water at (440) 933-6226 if you have any questions.