Part-time employees put the finishing touches to the water fountain at Avon Lake High School’s practice field. The fountain, a gift from Avon Lake Municipal Utilities, was fabricated and installed by the Utilities’ Maintenance Department.

Seasonal Employment It’s the perfect job for graduating seniors and students returning to college. Jobs include painting, caring for lawns and flower beds, and other maintenance. Applications will be accepted each spring starting Dec. 15. Stop by the our office at 201 Miller Road weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or call 440-933-6226 for further information.

Soil Testing A lot goes into having a green lawn and attractive plantings. Certainly water. Soil fertility cannot be ignored. Before you fertilize, it is a good idea to test soil fertility. Read more about fertility testing here: Soil Testing OSU Fact Sheet. Aside from using a lab from the fact sheet, we have learned a local company (John Deere Landscapes in Avon) can accept soil samples. (Note: We do not promote any company and only provide this as a point of reference.)

Algae Every summer millions of microscopic algae reproduce near Lake Erie’s surface and wander into water treatment systems, releasing an oily substance that may impart an earthy odor and taste to drinking water. Generally, these algae aren’t harmful to humans. Avon Lake Regional Water removes algae through the treatment process and adds activated carbon to remove taste and odor. Your water is safe to drink. For more facts about your drinking water, refer to the Water Quality Report.

Bottled Water

Fresh from the tap: Landscaper Mark Heczko enjoys a time out and some Avon Lake drinking water.

Did you know Americans spend about $3 billion annually to buy bottled water for health and taste reasons but it costs one thousand times more than municipal drinking water? Your Avon Lake drinking water surpasses all federal and state requirements for safety and purity, and it costs much less. Refrigerating water and adding a squeeze of lemon makes it taste even better. For more facts about your drinking water, refer to the Water Quality Report.

Cloudy Water When you tap a glassful of water, does it look cloudy? The reason is cold water holds more oxygen than warm water and retains it longer under pressure. When water enters your home, it becomes warmer and is ready to release excess oxygen. Turning water on suddenly decreases pressure and releases some oxygen bubbles, making it appear cloudy. Let the water stand for a minute and it will clear up. For more facts about your drinking water, refer to the Water Quality Report.

Water-Powered Sump Pumps The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) has determined that connecting a water-powered sump pump to a potable water supply poses a severe health hazard. Thereforethe Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities has passed a regulation that prohibits the installation of water-powered sump pumps on any water service provided by Avon Lake Regional Water. Because water-powered sump pumps are cross connected to the drinking water supply, a subsequent drop in water pressure could draw contaminated water into the potable water system. If you have a water-powered sump pump, please disconnect it immediately and call us at 440-933-6226 for an inspection. Failure to comply with the regulation could result in the loss of water service. A battery-powered pump should provide adequate backup for the primary system in the event of a power or pump failure. For a copy of the Water-Powered Sump Pumps Regulation, view Policies & Regulations.

Videos Click here to view FAQ videos about your drinking water.

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